Throw a Sexy Bridal Lingerie Shower

Throwing a sexy bridal cheap cute lingerie shower for your girlfriend or family member can be great fun for everyone. Regular bridal showers are so boring compared to one where everyone gives the bride-to-be some sexy bridal lingerie.

Once you decide to throw tradition to the wind, make it clear that the shower is for sexy bridal lingerie in the invitation. You can find some great invitations for sexy bridal lingerie showers online, or you can get creative and make your own. Just be sure the invitations are clear that gifts are to be some form of sexy lingerie.

You’re probably asking yourself if a sexy bridal shower is a good idea when you think about the bride-to-be’s mother or Aunt Edna. You have several options if you are afraid some guests might be offended or embarrassed when surrounded by sexy or erotic lingerie.

One is that you can ask the bride-to-be’s opinion. Her mom may not mind a bit–in fact, she may enjoy it as much as anyone else would! Another is to limit the shower invites to women you know would enjoy buying and giving sexy lingerie. In other words, the sexy bridal lingerie shower could be limited to close friends of the bride-to-be. The third option is to say the heck with it, and just invite anyone you’d like and refuse to worry about anyone’s reaction. After all, they can decide not to participate in the sexy bridal lingerie shower if they feel uncomfortable with the idea – but not many people do.

Setting the tone for a sexy bridal shower can be exciting and amusing. Give over to your wild side when it comes to thinking about decorations and games. Again, the Web is a great source for searching out erotic items that would make terrific decorations for a sexy lingerie shower. You’re sure to find some enticing games as well.

Any time you give a shower of any kind, people are going to ask you for suggestions for gifts. If you’re giving a sexy bridal lingerie shower, you’re going to get those requests, to be sure, so plan ahead.

First of all, learn the bride-to-be’s size! It wouldn’t do her any good to receive erotic lingerie that won’t fit, so get her size for lingerie, bras and panties. Next, you’ll want to do some research into great online sources for everything from all-out-sexy bridal lingerie to elegant bridal lingerie to naughty bridal lingerie. Pass on the websites to friends and relatives for their shopping convenience.

Having online sexy bridal lingerie shops to browse will put your shower invitees at ease if they’re a bit hesitant or embarrassed about shopping for bridal lingerie of any kind. If you aren’t planning to surprise the bride-to-be with a sexy lingerie shower, you may want her to do some browsing and compose a wish list for her guests to choose from so she gets just the sexy bridal lingerie she wants.

Finally, the big question: Do you tell the bride-to-be or surprise her with a sexy bridal lingerie shower? The best answer to this is if your friend is the least bit shy about intimate matters, you should probably warn her first. If she’s a bit of wild child, don’t tell her. You already know she’ll love the idea of a erotic lingerie shower, and, besides, if she does enjoy a walk on the wild side once in a while, she’ll appreciate a thong more than she would a spice rack any day. You may be surprised to find out Aunt Edna does too!

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