Buying Intimate Lingerie Gifts

When it comes to buying something that’s a little bit special for your partner, intimate cheap cute lingerie is something that you need to think about carefully before making a selection. It’s very easy to think about what you would love to see your wife/girlfriend wearing, and how sexy you think that she’d look in that risqué leather lingerie or that sheer sexy lingerie, but you have to consider two things. First of all whether or not she’d feel comfortable wearing the items, and secondly, how she’d feel about you buying them for her.

If you have a partner who isn’t exactly prudish, but is a little conservative then perhaps an intimate lingerie gift that is more conservative – such as one of the sexy lingerie matching sets that have a sexy bra and perhaps a sexy thong or g-string would be a good way to test the water and see how receptive she is to getting lingerie as a gift. If you already know that the she is keen on the feel of ladies sexy underwear next to her skin, then you could consider buying her black lace lingerie, or even some sexy peek-a-boo lingerie. Try to hold back on the latex and leather lingerie until you’re absolutely sure that she’ll love it!

If you are buying the gift for a romantic occasion, such as Valentine’s Day or to celebrate a special anniversary in your relationship, then you could think about buying some Valentine’s Day lingerie – perhaps something like sexy lingerie sleepwear. This is one time of the year when it is usually acceptable to give a woman a hot sexy gift, but if you’re a little uncertain as to how she will receive such a present, package it with a stuffed toy and deliver it with your tongue firmly in your cheek (not hers!). Be prepared to laugh this off as a « joke gift » if your partner seems uncomfortable with what you has given her!

Tasteful and chic is the best way of thinking for your sexy lingerie shopping for the woman in your life. Think about the clothes she usually wear, and the type of underwear she usually wears. Even if she doesn’t usually wear leather lingerie it doesn’t mean she won’t wear it – just that she hasn’t yet! Sometimes this could simply be because she doesn’t have any. If you buy sexy bras and thongs for her, and she wears them, then the door is open and you can explore the huge range of sexy bras and sexy thongs you’ll find in any boutique.

It could be that your partner isn’t comfortable in sexy cheap cute lingerie because she doesn’t feel she looks sexy – this is going to be up to you to show her exactly how sexy she is in this and make her believe you. Reassure her that you find her sexy every so often. You have to mean what you say; women know when you really mean what you said. Once she does feel secure in her sexuality and realized that what she’s wearing affects you, you’ll find that she’ll be more than happy to indulge even your most sexual fantasy dreams!

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