Panties Could Change Your World

They are called panties, knickers, pants or undies plus size womens clothes and typically worn by girls or women in the area directly below the waist. Panties come in many types and fabrics, amount of rear coverage, width at the sides and different heights.

The fabrics panties cheap sweatshirts are usually made of are cotton, nylon, pvc, polyester, latex, lycra, leather, lace, mesh, silk and satin, to name the most common ones. For the adventurous of you there are even edible panties sold in sex shops or novelty stores (who says you cannot have it and eat it, too?)

So, wholesale Christmas costumes wholesale Christmas costumes what is the big deal between just underwear and sexy panties for women?

Well, underwear should be functional and is basically worn for sanitary purposes. Sexy panties on the other hand are all about femininity, style and self-expression and are able to influence considerably the mood of both women and men (watch him closely when he discovers for the first time you wearing a thong instead of your usual « granny pants » ). More on the different styles a bit later.

You see, a simple change in « underwear » can give your relationship a totally new outlook in the truest sense of the word. Besides the fact, YOU most probably will FEEL more self-confident, more stylish and more sexy, too. Many women these days have to wear some sort of uniform (and, yes, a professional outfit can be sort of a uniform, too), which leaves very little room for self-expression (if at all). The smooth and luxurious feeling of a silky or lacey outfit « beneath » can boost your self-confidence considerably.

So, what to wear and when? Here are some pointers:


The G-string is a thong with virtually no rear coverage, the narrow strip in the back extending from the crotch all the way to the waistband. They are your best defense against panty lines and are virtually invisible under snug and tight fitting pants.


It is what it says. Smaller than a g-string, very erotic, but probably slightly uncomfortable and best for « special occasion » use.


A hybrid between a thong and a g-string, they cover a greater portion of your behind, but lack the comfort of g-strings.


The t-shape thong has a wide waistband all around which connects into the back material of the thong. It literally looks like a T.

Some advice. When it comes to thongs, women tend to be reluctant at first. They fear it may be uncomfortable or un-sanitary wearing one. Start gradually. On day one wear one for an hour or so. Day two for 3 hours. Day three….. you get the picture. After you feel comfortable enough, wear them the whole day, every day a different one, for 7 days straight. You might be surprised and maybe never go back to your « old » undies again. Oh, when you buy them, buy them a size larger then you used to. You will be much more comfortable wearing them.

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